SiCal Watch

Modern, adaptable and incredibly versatile.


A comprehensive scientific calculator with customizable keys designed specifically for Apple Watch. Now with even more possibilities!

Create your own custom calculator, perfectly adapted to your needs. Define or develop your very own functions or constants. Assign any function to keys. Easily edit mathematical entries, supported by an intelligent cursor. Change the appearance of the calculator. Take snapshots of your calculators and switch between your own calculators.

SiCal Watch is THE perfect calculator on your Apple Watch. Whether you use it at home, at hobby, at school, at work, at college or in science.

• SiCal Watch supports mathematical expressions on the watch! View and edit your complete calculation.

• Use intuitive typing and swiping gestures to edit and delete. Use the crown to control the cursor.

• An intelligent cursor supports your editing (Cursor Mode).

• You can customize the upper rows of keys and assign any function to them, all on the Watch! You can switch to a second, also configurable row of keys.

• Now you can even create your own functions and constants on the watch. You can assign them to any key and assign your own short names (by picker, scribble or dictation). Manage functions and constants in a special list on the clock.

• You can save an memory image of the complete computer with all its settings, calculations and functions to five memory locations. Create your own calculators for different situations, take a snapshot and later load exactly the calculator you need. When you save a snapshot, a copy appears within the SiCal app on your iPhone. Here you can manage, copy, move or email your snapshots and send them as a message ...

• There are 14 different 'styles' available, freely selectable on the watch.

• Swipe gestures can be assigned to specific actions via the keyboard .

• SiCal Watch automatically stores the last 50 calculations for you. Old calculations can be loaded and reused.

• All settings of the app can be changed directly on the watch (e.g. number of decimal places displayed, angle mode, etc.).
• Also included is a great tip calculator.

• With the 'CST' module you have quick access to many known constants.
• Complications are of course supported.

• SiCal Watch also works completely native (after loading the iPhone is no longer needed).

On the iPhone you will find short videos, which will give you a smooth introduction to SiCal Watch within minutes. I recommend you to watch them. It is worth it!

The following functions can be assigned to the keys individually:
• sin(), cos(), tan(), asin(), acos(), atan()
vsinh(), cosh(), tanh(), asinh(), acosh(), atanh()
• x^y, x^2, x^3, 2^x, e^x, √, ³√,%, Gamma Г, n!, erf(), erfc(), rnd, rand()
• ln(), log(), log2()
• Constants: π, e
• Memory functions: 'History Mode', MR, MS, MC, M+, M-
• Other special functions or characters: EE, 2nd, brackets : ( , )
• Modules: PHI module (create own functions/constants), TIP module (tip calculator), CST module ( use predefined constants)

Non-changeable key functions:
+ , - , / , * , . , =
and the numbers 0 to 9


Possible notations: mathematical, technical or 'automatic'
Different rounding methods: half even, half up, half down, ceiling, floor, up, down.

On the iPhone there is an introduction that gives you instructions on how to use SiCal Watch.
Here you can also manage your calculators (snapshots).

Attention: This app does not provide a (further) calculator for the iPhone. It is rather a very comprehensive and intuitive calculator for the Watch.

Overview for SiCal Watch revision 2.0